Can-u-use-acrylic-paint-on-denim, one thing to be particularly mindful of is that acrylic is a fast-drying paint and can easily dry out before your project is complete. an advantage to using acrylic on denim is that acrylic lets you build on layers, so you can apply the acrylic with a thin coat or make it heavier by painting more layers.. Came out better than expected. easy diy custom clothes. recently did a raptors design and made $60. not a bad way to make some side cash., the flexibility of using acrylic paint for fabric painting gives you lots of color options and you can use paint you have on hand. fabric paint makes the paint permanent and flexible not matter if you are painting fabric wall art, shoes, denim, or any wall hanging..

Hey guys finally an actual tutorial of how i paint on my denim jackets. all the questions i’ve been getting about the jackets, i answered on this video. this is not really a painting video but ..., i got some help from my friend anna from @missstylecoach. she helped me pick out denim to redesign. use acrylic and design your own amazing denim! shop my fa....

"i found that acrylic is a great choice to paint on denim. colors really pop to create good art, it has great durability, and you can dilute easily to experiment with different tones. another good tip is purchasing a textile (or fabric) medium, that will improve the paint’s adherence, and make it harder to crack., you may use acrylic. – there’s so much medium available for painting on denim: fabric paints, acrylic markers, fabric markers, fabric pens, et cetera.  choose the medium you’re most familiar with.  in this case, i used acrylic.. Some acrylic paints are transparent, which means whatever they are painted onto shows through. if you try and paint a transparent yellow onto blue denim, you will end up with greenish-yellow and the denim peeking through., step 1: prepare your design. i chose to recreate one of my favorite paintings, but what you paint is up to you! here’s a pinterest board i created to help get your creative juices flowing.. using a colored pencil or chalk, lightly sketch your design on your denim garment.